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Tourism Restaurants Terms and Conditions

General instructions and conditions for tourist restaurants

  1. Must apply all classification criteria for tourist restaurants.
  2. Submitting permits before operating any music band or DJ player .
  3. The department has the right to refuse any permit if the conditions or standards for tourist restaurants are not apply.
  4. The department has the right to revoke any permit or license if the general conditions for permits or standards for tourist restaurants are not apply.
  5. After applying all criteria for tourist restaurants A place for singing must be provided before a music band or DJ player permit issued .
  6. The fees charged for the license or permit will not be refunded in case of cancellation.
  7. Compliance with the laws and regulations applied by the department and implement the new decisions and instructions issued by it.
  8. The maximum time limit for permits for events in tourist restaurants is one month from the date of issue.



Terms and conditions for tourist events

  1. Must stop music playing half an hour before and after the call to prayer.
  2. This permit does not authorize tourist restaurants to allow
  3. Customers are not allowed to dance on the stage or in the restaurant.
  4. The staff of the tourist restaurant and the members of the band must dress appropriately.
  1. In the event of a complaint (loudness - public morals ... etc.), the authorization for permits intended for tourist restaurants will be suspended immediately.
  2. The place intended for the operation of the music band must be soundproof.
  3. The use of electronic music or external loudspeakers on the outside deck, terrace or gardens is not allowed and the noise level limit (speakers) must be followed.
  4. In the case of tourist restaurant permits, customers are not allowed to give cash or similar types of welcome to members of the band.
  1. In the case of permits issued for the approval of the karaoke programme: - Security clearances must be obtained for members participating in the supervision of the karaoke programme. A notice will be attached stating the days and times the programme will run. Customers are not allowed to talk about religious, political or immoral topics
  2. Must not engage in or hold recreational activities in hotels or tourist restaurants during religious occasions and mourning periods (the Arafat Day, the Islamic New Year, the Prophet's birthday, Isra and Mi'raj).
  3. Use dim lights or lights associated with flashes and lasers is not permitted.
  4. Must not hold events in open places without prior permission and approval.
  5. The band members must abide by the permits issued to them in terms of location and profession.
  6. The Department shall not be responsible for the non-approval of applications for event permits by other concerned authorities or for any delay in granting such permits.