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The Liwa Ajman Festival concludes with more than 500,000 AED of monetary prizes for the participants in the competitions

The Liwa Ajman Festival concludes with more than 500,000 AED of monetary prizes for the participants in the competitions

The Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival, which was organized by the Ajman Department of Tourism Development for 3 consecutive days at the Emirates Hospitality Center in Ajman, was concluded on Sunday evening and established itself as a pioneering platform to promote and develop the palm plantation sector and the production of dates, honey, and fruits, in addition to reviving the cultural heritage and rich traditions of the UAE, and has succeeded in attracting a large number of visitors who enjoyed the festival’s distinguished activities and various competitions that allowed them to experience the finest dates and honey products of 2022.

The festival witnessed also the distribution of many prizes valued at 500,000 AED in total among the participants in the competitions of the festival’s 7th edition which included dates decoration, honey, citrus fruits, lemon, mango, and almonds competition, in addition to a traditional food and photography competitions, all of which witnessed great contest among palm tree owners, farmers, beekeepers, chefs, and photographers.

The festival also witnessed a huge attendance from the public and visitors who toured the festival on a daily basis throughout its whole three days.

The festival included many events and activities that aimed at reviving the cultural Emirati heritage and traditions all in a festive atmosphere full of entertainments suitable for all family members, in addition to a photography competition for dates and honey products in collaboration with City University College of Ajman, a cooking competition for the public, and a cooking competition for hotel facilities in Ajman. The festival also included a display of the finest palm trees produce in the country, where several farmers exhibited their best dates, citruses, fruits, and best local honey.

A Leading Position

Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, expressed his gratitude with the success of this year’s Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival, whether by the huge participation of palm tree owners, farmers, and beekeepers, or the wide attendance of the public; and carried out his sincere thanking and appreciation to His Highness Sheikh Humaid bin Rashid Al Nuaimi, Member of the UAE Supreme Council and Ruler of Ajman, for his endless support of the festival which has boosted this event’s reputation and position year after year to become one of the most prominent cultural, social, and economic events concerned with the preservation of the Emirati cultural heritage, and for supporting and developing the palm plantation and agriculture in general, in addition to the honey production which is considered as one of the vital sectors in the country and a main constituent of its natural environment and food resources, and a source of income for a large segment of farmers and workers in this industry.

Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Humaid Al Nuaimi ensured the continuation of Ajman Department of Tourism Development’s efforts in further developing The Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival throughout the upcoming years and maintaining its rapid and positive growth, as it is keen to support farm owners and improve their revenues, and developing this sector and ensuring its sustainability by organizing more events and activities, improving the level of competition, and providing guidance services to farmers to encourage them to adopt the latest innovations and best practices in this field.

Achieving The Objectives

Khadija Turki, Acting Director General of the Ajman Department of Tourism Development, indicated that the various participations in competitions organized by this year’s festival were of great value, and this affirms the farmer’s commitment to the competitions’ regulations on one hand, and their commitment to developing their farms and produce on the other hand. This reflects Ajman Tourism’s success in achieving its strategic objectives through this event which were to contribute in securing the country’s food security by encouraging and empowering farmers to invest in this sector, in addition to shedding light on the quality and uniqueness of Emirati products, improve its competitiveness across the world, diversify its types, and increase the revenue from the dates, honey, and fruit products. Khadija also extended her thanking and gratitude to all governmental and private authorities for their support and contribution to the success of the festival’s seventh edition.

An Exceptional Landmark

Turki stressed that this year’s edition of the festival constituted a prominent platform to develop and improve palm plantation as it offered many scientific guidance to farmers on modern farming methods, innovative irrigation models, and the best practices adopted in enhancing the quality of dates production, and contributed to increasing the sustainability of cultural and traditional businesses as the organizing committee opted to support productive families and inmates by launching platforms to promote their crafts and handmade products.

Diverse Activities

The Municipal Council of Khorfakkan City participated in the festival by showcasing the city’s best produce from mango, figs, and lemon; and Dubai Municipality that offered a laboratory for testing honey and determining its quality; Al Ain City Municipality that shared furniture and other products made from palm wickers; as well as the Sharjah Institute for Heritage that offered lectures and educational workshops, in addition to a kids’ area.

Most visitors expressed their admiration and appreciation of the festival’s complementary events, and thanked the Ajman Department of Tourism Development for organizing this festival that brings joy to both the visitors and residents of the emirate, embeds the Emirati cultural heritage in the minds of the upcoming generations, and granted them the opportunity to purchase the finest quality of dates and honey. The participants also stressed on the importance of this event as it represents a platform for competition among them and for promoting their local goods and products, as they assured their intention to participate in the festival’s upcoming editions and requested to extend its duration to more than three days due to the festival’s remarkable success.

The Liwa Ajman Dates and Honey Festival was held in with the participation and support of Al Foah, Royal for Honey, Emirates Beekeepers, Ajman Police General Headquarters, Abu Dhabi Police General Headquarters, Ajman Municipality & Planning Department, Dubai Municipality, Al Ain City Municipality, Municipal Council of Khorfakkan City, Sharjah Institute for Heritage, the Khalifa International Award for Date Palm and Agricultural Innovation, Baynounah TV, and C. Live.

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