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Ajman celebrates the world’s greatest event Expo 2020

Live broadcast of the opening ceremonies and celebrations

The emirate of Ajman participated in celebrating the launch of Expo 2020, the most important event in the country and the world, by broadcasting the official opening ceremony live on big screens located at the Ajman Heritage District which is considered a prominent destination in the emirate due to its historical significance that embraces our heritage and customs, and accommodates the Ajman Museum which is a notable landmark that portrays the history of our civilization. Fireworks in Ajman were launched in conjunction with the  exhibition’s launch in Dubai. The official opening ceremony was also broadcasted live from the Ajman Corniche area which is the most vibrant area in the emirate.

The exhibition constitutes a gesture of good faith and continuous efforts that places the country on the global map, as Expo 2020 is a platform for productive relations that aims to continue the development process based on cooperation, constructive work, and joint efforts among everyone.

By organizing this massive event, and thanks to the vision and wisdom of its leadership and the continuous efforts, the country has managed to bring together all the people of the world in one place, achieving by this further accomplishments. The exhibition is considered a hub to generate additional innovation and support its outcomes and talents, and will be a great Emirati event that embodies its sound leadership to improve global collaborations and joint work between people of the world.

The emirate of Ajman, through its governmental pavilion,  is participating in this global event that includes more than 192 countries, all competing  to showcase the latest innovations and the wide array of culture and arts they boast to enrich the quality of the exhibition, which affirms that the UAE is a networking hub for cultures and civilizations, where everyone reaps the fruit of its progress, and promotes economic development in the country and opens new horizons for everyone.

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