November 29, 2017







 Al Manama Police Station Celebration 

05:00 PM

23 November

Al Manama Police Station

  Bicycle Parade

04:00 PM

28 November

Flag Park

46th National Day Carnival  

09:00 AM

29 November

Ajman Corniche

1-     Folklore Dance

2-      Flyboard and Jet Ski Show

3-       Traditional Boat Race

10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

29 November

Ajman Marina

       Firework Show

09:00 PM

29 November

Ajman Corniche

        Heritage Village

        Traditional Market

        Traditional Band

        Bedouin Storytelling (Arabic)

        Traditional Food

        Martyrs Gallery

        Prizes and Giveaways for Visitors

All Day

10:00 AM – 12:00AM


29 November- 03 December

Ajman Marina

       Theater Show Anaqeed Al kher (Arabic)

       Tribe March

       Book Fair "Be a Great Reader"

       Artistic wall Mural :Nation Over the Clouds"

        Handcrafting Exhibition

       Cultural Workshop and Competition  (Arabic)

       Folklore Dance

       Musical Bands

       Poetry Night by Al Hajajy family  (Arabic)

       Al Barza Happiness Motherland

10:00AM - 11:00PM

29 November- 04 December

Ministry of Culture & Knowledge Development

       Classic Car Parade

03:00 PM

30 November

Al Safia Street

       Traditional Market

"Lets Celebrate Together" 

04:00 PM

01-02 December

Flag Park

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